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Hilarious. Witty. Fun. Addictive. MEMEs are to internet humor what oxygen is to life, totally essential.

We've all seen them in different forms and shapes. They're all over the internet. They depict today's fast, robust, dynamic culture. MEMEs are the viral spread of short, humorous ideas through words, images, and sometimes videos.

The question comes to mind "WHAT is a MEME?" Well, I'll tell you... A MEME (contrary to common belief it is read in the same way you would read "cream" - mind blown!). A MEME is a social idea, a hypothetical situation, an irony, an observation, a commentary, a statement, etc. It is usually expressed using a current, topical, or pop culture image with humorous captions added. A great example is the "overly attached girlfriend" that became a major internet sensation and struck a chord with internet users who felt that their girlfriend or someone they knew had similar characteristics. Users around the world had a great time sharing their own stories using her picture. All it required was a picture and a personal story. This is not the only MEME that has been inspired by a real life person. "Bad luck Brian" has almost become synonymous with people sharing the story about their bad luck, "Scum bag Stacy" has become the major choice for people to mention about the horrible exes.

To go in detail about how a MEME spreads requires an understanding of how internet humor works. A lot of information is spread by internet "word of mouth" aka using the "share" or "like" button. The immense social media presence means that ideas which people "like" get spread quickly. You "like" a picture in your Facebook feed, you "share" it and bada bing, bada boom! all of your contacts have access to that picture! Anyone from your contacts "liking" or "sharing" the picture means that the reach of the picture has increased in truckloads! That's going "viral"!

Not only that, there are internet forums where people frequently visit to find humor and get rid of their boredom. A lot of these websites have garnered enormous popularity with the rise of MEMEs - so much so that some of them have earned kajillions of dollars of revenue per month! The traffic stats are mind boggling and the sheer volume of people depicts that the MEME revolution is now in full swing.

Now the question comes - why should you be unaware and left lagging behind to a trend that is ruling the internet? The answer in most cases is simple - lack of skill of creating your own MEME. Funny MEMEs are hard to make and require not only a good underlying story; but a skill that not everyone has. Even with today's technology it's not easy editing images to create MEMEs... until now!

This is PokeMe, a MEME generator or creator. It's simple, all you have to do is choose an image and add your text and the MEME generator does all of the hard work for you et voila! - you're ready to go.

Your image and text has been converted into a funny MEME through a MEME generator in almost no time at all. The simplicity and control that you have helps you focus and lets you channel your inner creativity. The message is simpler, easier to understand and creates a funny and lasting memory. The best bit about MEMEs is that they are not just tools for internet geeks - they are understood by a major portion of the population. So much that even major firms across the world have started using them in their advertising. "Much wow, such nice, so cool" sort of phrases have been used in advertisement as far as Cleveland and Sweden - a reference of a famous internet MEME called "Doge the dog." Generating a meme is not just about being funny, it also becomes the point of connection to a vast amount of people.

The future of MEMEs continues to brighten - not just in terms of humorous forums of internet; it is the next gen advertisement. Imagine the amount of resources that companies spend to increase their reach, all that effort can now be replaced in creating funny MEMEs, linking them to advertisement and letting the internet do the job for you.

To fully understand the impact of MEMEs on internet humor and everyday life, you should probably check websites like 9gag or Reddit - they use MEMEs effectively to create loyal user base and business opportunities. Enter PokeMe.com; a MEME generator that is designed to offer maximum ease to its users to create their own interesting MEMEs.

PokeMe understands that a MEME generator should provide simplicity, room for creativity and flexibility in the interface. This is the ideology that we utilize effectively to create an simple user experience that will be memorable and easy to replicate. Our team is on the constant lookout for finding the best of humor that can be summed up in few pictures and words and we always try to be original and unique. We are not just trend followers - we are also setting trends!

PokMe's core obligation to you is provision of ease and we ensure that at all times. Our site is simple to use and designed in such a way that we're virtually unrivaled. The vast variety of new MEMEs, the continuous presence of old MEMEs helps as well - no matter what your intention is from a MEME - we got it covered.

Make your first MEME - see it go viral and enjoy!